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              JH-95 is a highly compatible plasticizer, especially in low temperature environment, so that the elastomer maintains good elasticity. The effect is especially obvious in nitrile rubber, and it also plays an important role in other polar rubber, such as acrylic rubber and neoprene rubber.

              Low temperature tolerance

              JH-95 can greatly improve the low temperature properties of rubber, reduce the glass transition temperature of rubber, and maintain good elasticity of rubber products in low temperature environment. At the same time, it has strong compatibility with nitrile rubber, acrylic rubber, neoprene rubber and other polar rubber.

              Extraction resistance

              JH-95 has high molecular weight and can have low extraction rate in IRM901 oil, IRM903 oil and alkane oil. The product can be used in solvent environment for a long time.

              Low volatility

               The JH95 plasticizer has low volatile properties, so it can be used in a wide range of temperatures. In use, it can not only provide good growth effect, but also does not affect other physical properties of materials. 

              Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

              As concerns about the environment and toxicity continue to grow, starting with the DOP,BBP,DBP ban announced by the European Union in 2015, The removal rate of phthalates from elastomer compounds is accelerating all over the world. JH-95, as a substitute for phthalates, has the characteristics of non-toxic and harmless, and the products fully meet the environmental safety standards of various countries.

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