PVC-U water supply pipe



              ●Rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe for water supply

              UPVC pipes are the main raw materials of the sanitary grade PVC resin, and various stabilizers, anti-aging agents, anti-impact agents and other auxiliary agents are added, and various types of hard polyvinyl chloride pipes with different pressure grades are formed by extrusion processing. Is mainly used for water supply and drainage engineering, and can also be used for chemical industry, building, farmland drainage and irrigation pipeline and the like.

              ●The advantages of UPVC pipe and pipe fittings

              The main results are as follows:

              (1) the density of light UPVC is 1.35 × 1.46g / cm ~ 3, which is 1 / 8 / 1 / 5 of the weight of steel pipe of the same size, so it is easy to transport and install. 

              (2) good corrosion resistance and long service life. Under normal circumstances, the service life can generally reach 30 years or more.

              (3) the friction coefficient is small, about 0.0008, and the friction resistance is small. (4) No scaling, no rust. (5) low thermal conductivity. 

              (6) Construction, installation and maintenance are convenient. The installation of UPVC pipe is more convenient than steel pipe and cement pipe. It can be connected by bonding, welding, hot melting, thread connection, flange and so on. The PVC pipe with elastic sealing ring joint can be inserted directly into the connection, which has the advantages of high labor efficiency, fast installation speed and convenient maintenance. 

              (7) the comprehensive price is cheap. The proportion of UPVC is small, the construction is convenient, the service life is long, and the relative price is low.

              (8) good electrical insulation performance. UPVC plastic pipe is a bad conductor of electricity, which can be used as wire insulation casing. It is safe and reliable to use. The volume specific resistance is about 1 × 3 × 105 cm, and the breakdown voltage is 23 kV / mm..



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